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Fresh Menu Prices India 

Fresh Menu has got a lot of tasty and hygienic food options to enjoy at Popular menu, Burgers and Wraps, BrekfastPlatters, Christmas Specials, sandwiches & more, Wandercrust Pizzas, Sandwiches & more, Continental, Wok-station in India. 

Have a visit to Fresh Menu Restaurant near your home and enjoy the fresh meal served at the restaurant with your loved ones.


Below are the Fresh Menu Price with Exclusive Images.


Item Image Price
Creamy Peri-Peri Chicken Bowl Creamy-Peri-Peri-Chicken-Bowl 249
Paneer Tikka Rice Bowl 249
Egg Korma Rice Bowl Egg-Korma-Rice-Bowl 199
Crispy Fried Chicken Rice Bowl 249
Chilli Paneer Rice Bowl Chilli-Paneer-Rice-Bowl 249
Chilli Paneer Noodle Bowl Chilli-Paneer-Noodle-Bowl 249
Tex-Mex Chicken Rice Bowl 249


Item Image Price
Masala-Omelette 119
Meaty-Omelette 175
Tex-Mex Meaty Omelette 199
Egg-Static Brekkie Platter 195
Chicken Ham ‘n’ Cheese Omelette With Garlic Bread 199
Chipotle English Breakfast ₹195
Classic Sausage Breakfast Platter 219
High Protein English Breakfast 195
Smoked Sausages With Hashbrown 195


Item Image Price
Grilled Chicken With Pasta and Wedges Grilled Chicken With Pasta and Wedges 499
Grilled Chicken With Mexican Rice and Wedges Grilled Chicken With Mexican Rice and Wedges 499
The Ultimate Christmas Platter The Ultimate Christmas Platter 499
Christmas Stuffed Cookies Christmas Stuffed Cookies 129
Apple Crumble Apple Crumble 99
Mince Pie Bar Mince Pie Bar 99


Item Image Price
All American Mini Panini 145
Bean Cottage Cheese Panini 145
BBQ Chicken Slaw Panini 145
Spinach Corn Sandwich 139
Mexican-Pulled Chicken Sandwich 145
Homestyle-Chicken Sandwich 145
Omelette Cheese Sandwich
BBQ-Chicken ‘n’ Cheese Sandwich 145
Fresh Slaw Sandwich 99
Cucumber Cheese Chutney Sandwich 99
Citrus Chicken Sandwich 145
Paneer Popeye Sandwich 145
Paneer Bhurji-Sandwich 139
California Sunrise Chicken Sandwich 145
Cheesy Veg Sandwich 139
Aloo Paratha Combo 145
Gobi Paratha Combo 145
Power Protein Paneer Sandwich 219
Smoky Chicken & Cheese Sandwich ₹219
BBQ Chicken Focaccia 199
Roasted Chicken Ham & Cheese Focaccia 215
Junglee Paneer Focaccia 199
Cheesy Baked Open Sandwich 129
Quinoa-Masala-Upma 199
Mini Fruit Parfait 69
Fresh-Fruit Bowl 119
Muesli Yogurt Parfait 109
Mediterranean Falafel Sandwich 219
BBQ Chicken Club Sandwich 199


Item Image Price
Herbed Cottage Cheese Wrap 169
BBQ Paneer-Corn Wrap 169
Palak-Paneer Bhurji Wrap 145
Kolkata Paneer Wrap 145
Masala Omelette Wrap 139
Cheesy-Veg-Wrap 145
Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap 169
Italian CHT Wrap 189
Classic Chicken Cheese Burger 145
Californian Double Chicken Burger 175
Cheesy Farmers Delight Burger 135
Original Mexican Burger 145
Korean Fried Chicken Burger 145
Peri-Peri Paneer Steak Burger 145
Garden Veggie Delight Wrap 169
Crunchy Chicken Wrap 169
Moroccan Chicken Wrap 169
Veggie Salad Wrap 169
Club Chicken Wrap 169


Item Image Price
Chicken Keema Samosa 219
Veg Spring Rolls 199
Chilli Paneer 219
Veggies in Chilli-Garlic Sauce 199
Birds Eye Chilli Dumplings 219
Jalapeno Cheese Poppers 199
Cheesy Chilli Corn Nuggets 199
Veg Khasta Kebabs (Pack of 6) 199
Pulpy Tender Coconut Water 69
Masala Lemonade 69
Mint Lemonade 69
Mint Chaas 69
Corn With Crackling Spinach 189
Chicken Tikka 229
Southwestern Fried Chicken Strips 209
Hawker’s Chilli Chicken ₹209
Honey Chicken Peppers 209
Cheesy Chicken Popcorn 219
Ghee-Roast Chicken 229
Crispy Fried American Corn 189
Chilli-Corn 65 189
Sesame-Chicken-Bites 199


Item Image Price
Italian-Garden Pizza (9 inches) 329
Loaded-Chicken-Pizza-(9 Inch) 329
Meat Craver’s Pizza 329
Cheesy-Chilli-Garlic Pizza 329
Veg Extravaganza Pizza (9-inch) 329


Item Image Price
Cheesy Chicken Pasta 269
Penne Alfredo 229
Penne Marinara 219
Winter Special Veg Spaghetti 229
Winter Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese 229
Penne in Brown Butter Sauce 219
Creamy Mushroom Pasta 239
Penne Arrabbiata 229
Shredded Chicken Spaghetti 249
Moroccan Spaghetti Meatballs 269
Creamy Spaghetti Chicken Charcuterie 269
Chicken Spaghetti with Garlic Bread ‘n’ Salad 309
Peri-Peri Chicken Steak Bowl 269
Chef’s Signature Grilled Chicken 269
Texas Pepper BBQ Chicken Steak 269
Mexican-Burrito Bowl 239
Ultimate Burrito Bowl 239
Chargrilled Moroccan Cottage Cheese Burrito 249
Honey Mustard Chicken Bowl 249
Lebanese Falafel Rice Bowl 269
Peruvian Spicy Cilantro Roasted Chicken 289
Signature Piri-Piri Steak Family Combo 399
Corn-Pepper Mac ‘n’ Cheese 239


Item Image Price
Pan-Asian Egg ‘n’ Chicken Chowmein 229
Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Bowl 239
American Lo Mein 199
Dragon Noodles with Dumplings 249
Dan Dan-Chicken Noodles 249
Mixed Veg Hakka Noodles 179
Black Gold Dumpling Noodles 249
Bangkok Street Noodle Bowl 229
Veg Chilli Butter Noodles 199
Black Pepper Honey Chicken Noodles 249
Drunken Tofu Noodles 219
Shanghai Chicken Noodles 239
Black Bean Chicken Noodles 239
Schezwan Chicken Rice Bowl 249
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl 249
Smoke That Bowl 249
Black Pepper Honey Chicken Bowl 249
Black Bean Chicken Bowl 229
Tofu Krapow Bowl 239
Hawker’s Chilli Chicken Bowl 249
Mongolian Hot Pot 219
Nasi Lemak 259
Teriyaki-Chicken Hot Pot 279

FAQs of Fresh Menu

What Is Fresh Menu?

Freshmenu is the go-to neighbourhood food delivery option you can turn to when you’re famished. Our chefs create a variety of plated meals on-demand, to make sure that you are spoilt for choice. Since our menus change every day, we stand out from the throng of eateries that offer you a fixed menu. At FreshMenu, all meals are crafted with the finest ingredients including farm fresh vegetables and meats. So, you can expect to go on a gastronomical adventure with every meal that you order from us. Every order is delivered in the shortest possible time frame, right to your doorstep. Now you can save time and enjoy a dining experience in the comfort of your space.

Who owns Fresh menu?

FRESH MENU was first owned in the year 2014 by Rashmi Daga.

How does Fresh Menu work?

1. Our daily menu is exclusively designed by our chefs. We have a different menu every day so you can browse through and pick whatever teases your tastebuds. 2. Once you have figured out what you want to gorge on, just add it to your cart and click on ‘Checkout’ when you’re ready to order. 3. You may pay online or opt for cash on delivery. We also give you the option of paying through multiple wallets so you needn’t scout for change or make a last-minute trip to the ATM.

What kind of meats and ingredients does Fresh Menu use?

All the ingredients that we use undergo a quality check process that ensures a top-notch meal for you. Our food is the freshest as we source halal-certified meats, farm-fresh fruits, and vegetables, directly from the local supplier. All our meals are free from preservatives or additives such as MSG. It's advised to consume the food within 1 hour from the time the food is delivered

When does Fresh Menu deliver?

We take a minimum of 30-45 minutes from the time of your order, to ensure that your food is delivered without any quality issues. You are free to place an order for lunch or dinner delivery at any time of the day with a specified delivery time. Our ‘All-day’ menu can serve your hunger pangs throughout the day. So you can order Salads, Soups, Sandwiches and that sweet something, at anytime between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. Breakfast Timings: 9 am to 11 am Lunch Timings: 11 am to 3:30 pm Snack Timings: 3:30 pm to 6 pm Dinner Timings: 6 pm to 11 pm

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