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Nando’s India Menu

If you are looking for a Nando’s Menu and Prices in India then check here Below I have listed Nando’s Menu India with updated prices.

All prices are taken from the Official site of Nando’s. I Have provided Food Items with their latest prices. You can also check the official portal for details more information.

Nando’s Restaurant serves menu items like Appeteasers, To Share, Salads, Chicken Meal Deals, Veg Meal Deals Nandino’s main Course the Nandino’s Sides, and many more menus.

Below are Nando’s latest menu and Prices in Rupee.
Nando's Menu


Item Price

To Share

Item Price


Item Price

Chicken Meal Deals

Item Price

Veg Meal Deals

Item Price

Nandino’s Main Course

Item Price

Nandino’s Sides

Item Price

Peri-Peri Chicken

Item Price

Peri-Peri Veg

Item Price

Sharing Platters

Item Price

Burgers, Pitas & Wraps

Item Price


Item Price

Fino Sides

Item Price

Veg Burgers, Pitas, Wraps

Item Price


Item Price


Item Price

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Nando’s Locations

FAQs Of Nando’s 

How much is Nandos franchise cost in India?

A Nandos outlet would cost Rs 1.2 - 1.8 crore to set up and this doesn't include the operations costs to run the business. On the other hand, it would cost Rs 40-60 lakhs to start a Subway chain based on the location selected to set up shop.

Is Nandos available in India?

The company has currently five restaurants in Delhi, two in Bangalore, two in Chennai, and two in Punjab. Besides opening new outlets, Nando's is also working to sell its range of sauces in independent retail stores in India from May this year.

Who owns Nandos in India?

Sumeet Yadav, CEO, Nando's India.

What are must try in Nandos?

Hands down the top dish at Nando's is the Flame-Grilled Chicken. Smothered in the Peri-Peri sauce to your liking (six choices), the tender chicken fills your mouth with an array of sensations. You can choose a spicy, mild, sweet, or tangy route when it comes to your desired flavors and heat levels.

What is Nando's known for?

Nando's, the South African–born restaurant chain is known for its spicy peri-peri chicken has a growing number of evangelists spreading the word about what might be the coolest—and most under-the-radar—fast food out there.


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